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Product Transportation

flexi-tanks1Alfa Trust Co. is pleased to offer a much needed and different kinds of fluid transportation system known as "Flexible Tanks" or "Flexi Tanks."Alfa Trust co is agency of Buscherhoff company in Iraq,Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran on every kinds of Buscherhoff's Flexi tanks. They are utilized to conveniently and securely transport any kinds of liquid products in sea, rail way and road containers. This product is approved by the German TUV. Flexi Tank is a one of the most reliable and secure ways to transport any petrochemicals, chemicals, petroleum and liquid foods such as acidic beverages, oil and molasses.

Flexi Tanks (فارسی)

Flexi Tanks Specification

Flexi Tanks Installation (فارسی)

Flexi Tanks Installation