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About Us

Alfa Trust Co. LTD, was founded in 2009 and has rapidly become one of the most trusted and growing corporations that works at the intersection of trades routes of the USA, Europe and the Middle-East. Alfa Trust specializes in marketing and sales of crude oil, petroleum and petrochemical products in the international markets as well as supplying Oil and petrochemical downstream industries among other general trading services and consulting activities.

Alfa Trust Co. LTD, has established itself as one of the leading companies involved in the export and import of crude oil, petroleum products, and swap of such commodities.

Alfa Trust has also entered in chartering of tankers and storage tanks and stockpiling.

International Business/Affairs section is with the following vice-directorates:

  • Administration and Protocol
  • Business Development
  • Crude Oil Marketing & Operation
  • Products Marketing & Operation
  • Financial affairs
  • Research and Planning
  • Claims and Insurance

Alfa Trust Co. LTD's main mission and vision is:

To achieve the best possible trading outcomes with a reputable and reliable foundation built upon ethics and mutual trust and reinforced by our skilled staff and to expand the radius of our reach world-wide through our offices in: London, Los Angeles and Tehran.

Alfa Trust Co. LTD, with the aim of customers satisfaction provides high quality products and services at a very competitive price and timely delivery to the target markets.